Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fisher Gravestone at St Bees

Fisher  grave 1923
St Bees Churchyard, St Bees, Cumbria
pictured with Thos Fisher and Dickinson Fisher
Headstone Thomas and Hannah Fisher, John and Ann Fisher  1923
St Bees Churchyard, St Bees, Cumbria
John Raven Fisher's grandparents Thomas Fisher and Hannah Fisher nee Raven, and his parents John and Ann nee Nail, are buried in St Bees Churchyard, in Cumberland in England. This photograph of the grave was taken in 1923 by Thomas Fisher visiting from Australia.

This photo is from his son, John Francis Raven Fisher's photo album and taken in 1951. The headstones have since fallen over and all within the cemetery moved to the side of the churchyard.  Sadly we couldn't sight these headstones when we visited some 30 years ago.  

Fisher grave 1951
St Bees Churchyard, St Bees, Cumbria

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