Friday, 31 May 2013

Mess Etiquette for A.A.W.M.S.

Found this great article at home in "Khaki and Green -with the Australian Army at home and overseas" published by The Australian Military Forces by the Australian War Memorial in 1943.  This book is one of a series published we have including "Active Service with Australia in the Middle East" in 1941 "Soldiering On -the Australian Army at home and overseas" in 1942,  "Jungle Warfare - with the Australian Army in the South-West Pacific" in 1944 and "Stand Easy - After the defeat of Japan, 1945" in 1945.  They include contributions by servicemen and women of short pieces, drawings, photographs and maps with most contributions noted by their service number.  There is in index to the contributors at the rear of "Khaki and Green" which includes the previous volumes.  Your relative may have made a contribution!

I was particularly interested in the article Mess Etiquette for A.A.W.M.S. as  Tom's mother Joan Foster Fisher (nee Miller) VFX127718 was stationed at Jacquinot Bay in 1945 and reflects her great sense of humour!

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