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Mystery solved! Silver Cup won by Charles Ellis 1887

Morwell Narracan & Mirboo Agricultural Show
Presented by Society
C Ellis
Best 1cwt Potatoes
Reverse side:
MFD & PT..
Finally I have found out when Charles Ellis, my great grandfather, won the silver cup pictured! The cup is undated and Charles lived at Narracan and district from around 1887 to 1900.

In Trove today I found in The Maffra Spectator Monday 4 April 1887  reporting the upcoming Morwell, Narracan & Mirboo Agricultural Society Show.

On Thursday 7 April the first show of the Morwell, Mirboo and Narracan Agricultural Society will be held in the Society's grounds on the Hazelwood Road about a quarter of a mile from the railway station, when £350 will be given in prizes. ..."

After the Show this report appeared in the Morwell Advertiser and Weekly Chronicle Saturday 16 April 1887.  It seems that Charles Ellis was a successful exhibitor as was his daughter Miss C Ellis (though I am not sure which daughter that could be as none have names starting with C - maybe it is a courtesy title) with both being awarded a silver cup!

Morwell, Narracan & Mirboo Agricultural Society
A meeting of the committee was held in the Mechanics' Institute on 15th April. Present-Vice-president Porter in the chair, and 9 members of committee. 

A rough statement of accounts showed that the first show held on 9th inst. was a great success in regard to exhibits, attendance, and from a financial point of view. 

A protest by Mr E. Martin, against the award of Mr. G. A. Earle, for trotting horse in saddle, was not allowed on the motion of Mr. Murdoch, seconded by Mr. Fraser. 

A protest entered by Mrs. Smith on her daughter's account was held over pending further information regarding the identity of the work exhibited; and proof of age and attendance at school of Miss B.Howden. 

The President here put in appearance. 

A disputed matter regarding the award of lst prize between Mrs. Waldon and Mrs. Heeps was left to be settled according to judges' book on the motion of Mr. Porter, seconded by Mr Morell. 

The secretary was instructed to write to judges in beef cattle for information respecting special exhibits.

The special prize silver cup of Messrs. W Adamson and Co., was won by Mr G Bolding of Hazelwood, both by points, and the number of prizes obtained. 

Mr. Bolding was awarded the silver cup the gift of Messrs McCaw, McIlwrick and  Co., for best. 1cwt of cheese.   

Mr. C. Ellis, Narracan, silver cup for best 1cwt of potatoes, and to his daughter Miss C Ellis the silver cup, presented by Messrs. C. W. Grey and Co. 

Respecting the matter in dispute regard ing lateness of entry of Mr. Harper, Clydebank, it was moved by Mr Murdoch, seconded by Mr Rintoull, and carried, " That the judges' decision be upheld, and that the second prize be awarded to Mr. R Harper." Messrs. Porter and McNabb dissenting. 

Mr Murdoch and Secretary were authorised to have the track on Showground harrowed, suitable grass seed sown, and heavily dressed with superphosphate. The secretary was instructed to attend to se veral minor matters, and an alteration was made with respect to signature on Society's cheques to prevent inconvenience. The sum of £50 was voted to the secretary, Mr Waldon, for his services in connection with the Agricultural Society and his efforts were eulogised by the several members present. 

An adjournement was made till 2 p.m. on Wednesday next when a balance-sheet will be presented, and everything arranged in connection with the late show.

I haven't found any detailed reports of the second show with all prize winners, but Charles also won prizes at the third annual Morwell, Mirboo and Narracan Agricultural Society's Show in 1889 according to the Gippsland Times 18 March 1889.  His brother in law, Charles William Howlett also was a successful exhibitor at that show.  

The third annual show in connection with the above society, took place on Thursday last. As we mentioned in our last, the proceedings passed off very pleasantly, and the whole of the officials performed their various duties most satisfactorily. The following is the prize list: …..

Class H.-Dairy produce.-Judges: Messrs Vary Firnin and Nind. 

Fresh butter, as usually sent to Market in not less than 3lb rolls, First, 3 3s5 gift of D, Shaw, Esq.;second, £2 2s; third, £1 l--W. M'Nabb, 1; D. Shaw; 2,. C. Ellis, 3. 

Home made bread, 2 loaves not less than 2lbs each, to be made from home made yeast. First £1 10s, and second 10s W. M'Nabb 1; C. Ellis 2.  

Best fresh butter as usually sent to market in three one pound rolls, to be made by girl under 16 and entered in her own name. Prize, £2 2S-C. Ellis, 1; E Nadenhouch 2. 

Class I. Farm Produce.-Judges : Messrs Harper, Hortman and Barr
Best collection of potatoes, not less than 10lbs. each, . 5 varieties. First, £1 I--C. Ellis, 1. 

I am not sure how long the Agricultural Society ran shows as I found this information from a posting by Walter Savige

George Henry Wise was well known throughout Gippsland over a long period of time. His skill as a lawyer was shown on the occasion of the stormy ending of the Morwell, Narracan and Mirboo Agricultural and Pastoral Society during the depression of the 1890s. This Society used to hold Annual Shows at its showground at Morwell. Robert N. Auchterlonie, in "Glenaveril 1873-1973 - The Story of the Auchterlonie Family's 100 Years at Narracan" (1973) states: "Finance was raised locally by the issue of debentures ... Finally, the Society found itself in debt ... and was forced to close down. Most of the debenture-holders were content to accept their loss and make the best of it, but a few avaricious ones set up a clamour for repayment." Several disgruntled debenture-holders took legal proceedings against threeoffice-bearers whose signatures appeared on the face of each debenture. "To everyone's surprise, and due largely to the efforts of that skilled lawyer, Mr. G.H. Wise of Sale, the plaintiffs won the case."

So it it great to finally find out when Charles won the cup!  My mother Jean Ellis has the cup as my father Ian is now deceased. But I don't know where the second cup has ended least when it does we will know when it was awarded!

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